Salon at Malibu Creek:
A Welcoming Atmosphere

Just seconds off the Malibu coast, Salon at Malibu Creek sits at the perfect location. If comfort, style, and elegance appeal to you and you must have the most innovative stylists, the answer is simple—Salon at Malibu Creek. Our exclusive Malibu salon caters to prestigious clients who highly value quality and integrity. All of our stylists integrate sophisticated yet artistic approaches to enhance your image and make sure you leave feeling the best upon each visit.

Salon at Malibu Creek’s elegant ambiance contributes to an unparalleled beauty experience. Newly remodeled, the salon features a blend of both mahogany woods, with granite countertops and specialized lighting. Our state-of-the art salon delivers a variety of services and products.

All our services and amenities have been designed to ensure absolute comfort, pleasure and privacy. Please come in and explore our staff and services and let us make your visit a fabulous experience. We can’t wait to make your acquaintance.

About Salon at Malibu Creek’s owner, Shala :
Shala has been a renowned stylist in the prominent Malibu area for over twenty years. She has taken leaps and bounds to get where she is today and she still remains true to the city of Malibu and her dedicated clientele. Celebrities and elite from all over Los Angeles have visited Shala for her one of a kind craft. Best known for her imaginative haircuts and legendary coloring techniques, Shala never disappoints. When it comes to the freshest style…she delivers.

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